Alps Technology Inc.:About Us

Posted by:info on 2020-09-27

Here is the full story!

Alps Technology Inc designs, manufacturers and makes solar cell and solar module products for commercial, industrial and telecommucation applications worldwide. The Los Angeles- base company has combined twelve years as a leader in compact-disk and personal computer manufacturers with world-calss solar technology to offer unparalleled high-efficient solar cells and solar modules that produce reliable and affordable “green” power and renewable energy.

ATI commenced designing and manufacturing in 2002 through its core product is the result of over few years of development by a group professor who between them have approximately 20 years’ experience in laboratory and school.

Our mission is to deliver innovative photovoltaic technologies for building integration to generate renewable solar electric power nature's true energy. Our hope is to secure the health of our planet for future generations by transforming our infinite supply of sunshine into a  practical energy for humanity.

About Us